About Us

Heera Industries, established in 1972, as a manufacturer of Pressure Cookers and Utensils, soon became a household name in India, providing value for money through its quality products. Since then, the company has grown rapidly adding more products, machines and technology each year and has never looked back. It has diversified into various fields, with the passing time.Heera Industries possesses a well-knit team of managers, professional promoters & technicians having vast experience in their respective fields, who have been working with utmost dedication for more than three decades now. With the continuing trust and support of our consumers, Heera Industries is touching new heights. We thankfully attribute our success to our customers and suppliers and are committed to sell what we quote. We believe in informing, guiding and keeping in touch with our customers and suppliers. In our outlook “EVERY CUSTOMER IS A CUSTOMER FOR LIFE”. Our commitment is well exhibited in our prompt and dependable delivery schedules.

Growing from strength to strength to strength the KB Sons group has created an unmatched identity for itself in the market. It aims to continue its journey on the path of business excellence by promoting continuous improvements in our relation with the clients and reliability in the national and international markets. We believe that the best is yet to come and are confident that your faith in us will reap rich dividends in future. We assure you that the focus to perform and outperform will continue in the years to come.

Heera Industries has shown a substantial growth in its operations over the years. Seeing the demands of the ever changing business environment, we have been updating and developing the infrastructure and technology to meet such demands and create a market standing for our company. We employ a team of skilled and qualified professionals who look into the minutest details of every project. With the progress of time we have diversified into manufacturing of Aluminium Alloy Milk Can for Dairy Industries as well as Hard Anodized , Non-Stick Cookware for consumers in general. 

Dairy Industries (MILK CAN)
We are actively progressing in this field and our company has successfully executed many projects in different states of the country for supply of Milk Cans to the Dairy Industry.


The first and foremost consideration of Heera Industries is to achieve and provide unmatched quality standards. The company has been accredited with ISI Certification as well as ISO 9001:2008 to meet International Quality standards. To ensure top quality and to achieve customers satisfaction, our well designed manufacturing system enables us to exercise a rigid quality control at each and every stage of product manufacturing cycle. For us quality is not just a concept or word of distinction but a complete and an everlasting culture adopted. Our well equipped manufacturing facilities, coupled with team of professional and expert artisans, which allow us to ensure an utmost satisfaction to our customer by providing them consistent quality.As a manufacturer of Pressure cooker and utensils for more than three decades, we have been catering to our customers with quality commitments and customer satisfaction with competitive prices. Fulfilling our customers’ demand for the best quality products engineered/customized as per their requirement continues to be our veiled secret to success.

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